Community Building Course

 This course is your key to building a community of raving fans

Discover the success secrets to building a vibrant and active community when you take the course!

Includes a community building strategy session with Jennifer to hone in on exactly how and where you should build your community.

Photo of Jennifer Navarrete using mobile video setup at an event. In upper right corner white text with red background "Quick Start".

 Mobile Video Quick Start

 You have a message. You have a mobile phone. Which means you already have everything you need to be a successful live-streamed and video creator.

30 Day Podcasting Challenge Course

Podcasting 30 Day Challenge Quick Start

 A great beginner podcaster course!

You have a message and there are listeners ready to jam their earbuds in to hear that message.

Join the podcast revolution to share your entrepreneur and business message.



Graphic: Join the Challenge. 7 Day Podcast Launch Challenge - Plan It. Fast Track Your Podcast Launch. Color/Tone - purple. Silver Mic in background.

7-Day Podcast Launch Challenge: PLAN IT!

 Before you hit record you have to have a plan!

Join this 7-day challenge to take your podcast idea and turn it into an actionable plan.

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